JPlast Plastic Products


Product Details

Absorbent bench paper, plasticized MicroscopeSlide Storage Cuvettes – OLLI Specimen Containers
Analyzer Cups Microsette™Cassettes Cuvettes – OPTION/BENK Specimen Containers, Formalin Prefilled
Antidoping test – containers Microtiter plates Cuvettes – SEAC CLOT S2 SpecTainer™
Antiseptic gel Microtube Racks Cuvettes – SHERWOOD–ELVI Spray bottles
Anti–tampering security labels Microtubes Cuvettes – TECO Spreader, Cell
Autoclave bags Mini Coolers Cuvettes for spectrophotometer SputEm™Collection Kit
Bags – Biopsy MultiRack™ Cuvettes segments – COBAS MIRA Staining jar for slides
Bags – samples transportation Multi–well plates for cell culture Cuvettes, holder Staining rack and trough
Bags for Stomacher Needles – butterfly Cylinder for pipettes Staining rack for slides
Bags,Sterile Needles – catheter Cylinders graduated Staining, 8–cells tray
Balance boats Needles – hypodermic Cyto–brush StainTray™
Balloons holder OneHand™ Rack Cytology Funnels Steam integrator
Bar Coding Facilities Pags for draining rack Cytology spray Sterilization indicator tape
Base Molds Paper for sterilization CytoSep Cyto Funnels Sterilization pouches
Base moulds Pap–test cervical spatula Danger indicator tapes Stirring rods
Beakers, Disposable Paraffin Decontaminating mat Stoppers – for macro cuvettes
Beakers, graduated Paraffin Block Mailer DeepWell Plates 7 Stoppers – normalized, for volumetric flasks
Bed bottle – holder support Parafilm Dip–slide Stoppers – test tubes
Bed bottle, female Parafilm cutter Dishes, Petri Stoppers for CultureTubes
Bed bottle, male Pasteur pipettes Dishes,Weighing Storage Box for Micrewtubes®
Bed bottle, male – lid Patients cup Dispenser tips Storage Box for Microcentrifuge Tubes
Bed pan Patients straw Dispensing bottles Storage Boxes for Cryovial®Tubes
Bed pan lid PCR Reaction Plates Dissecting Board Storage Cabinets
Bioblock™DeepWell Plates PCR Reaction Strips Draining rack StoreBox™ Storage Boxes for Sample Tubes
Biodisposer™ PCR ReactionTubes DrainRack™ Strip for PCR
Biopsy Foam Pads PCR Sealing Film &Foil Drip holder Swabs
Biopsy specimen containers PCR Sealing Mat Dropette® Pipets Swabs
Biotube™System PCR Storage Boxes E.C.G. gel Swabs – forensic
Blood DilutionVials PCR Tube Racks E.S.R. – SEDI–RATE system Swabs – in test tubes
Blood grouping plates PCRack™ EasyDip™ Swabs – in test tubes System for preservation of urine UriSwab
Blood lancets, sterile Petri Dishes EcoTainer™ Swabs – mailing containers
Bottles – cylindrical Petri dishes Embedding cassettes Swabs – with transport medium
Bottles – reagent Petri dishes for tissue culture Embedding Cassettes Swingsette™
Bottles – square Pierce-It™Caps Embedding rings Syringes – insuline
Bottles with tamper–evident cap Pipets,Transfert Embedding Rings Syringes – with and without needles
Bottles, carriers Pipette tips – empty boxes Eye wash bottle Tamperproof Microcentrifuge Tubes
Bottles, storage Pipette tips – filter Felt–tip pens, indelible ink Tanks
Bottles, Urine Pipette tips – kit Fibrin Cups Tap – for storage bottles
Bowie–Dick test Pipettes – pumps and fillers Filter paper – pads Test – PH amniotic
Bowls and tanks Pipettes – stand, holder and tray FitsAll™Caps Test Tube Racks
Boxes, Storage Pipettes rinsing set Flasks – Erlenmeyer type Test tubes – blood collecting
Buchner funnels – discs Pipettor Flasks – volumetric Test tubes – blood collecting, pierceable cap
Cabinets, Cassette Plates for PCR Flasks for cell culture Test tubes – clot accelerator
Cannula – Karman method Plates, DeepWell Flexi–Strip for blood smear Test tubes – conical
Capinsert™ Plates,DeepWell FlexTainer™Containers Test tubes – cryotube box
Caps – for MACRO cuvettes Plates,PCR Foam Pads Test tubes – cylindrical bottom
Caps – normalized, for volumetric flasks Printing Facilities Forceps Test tubes – flat bottom
Caps – test tubes Protective pads for cassettes Freezing blocs Test tubes – RIA
Caps for CultureTubes QuickLoad™Cassettes Funnels Test tubes – screw cap
Capsules,Tissue Racks for 1.1 ml ClusterTubes Funnels Test tubes – separating gel
Cassette Cover,Metal Racks for CentrifugeTubes Funnels – holder Test tubes – separating gel + clot accelerator
Cassettes for printers Racks for Cryovial® and Micrewtube® Funnels Buchner type Test tubes – separating granules
Cassettes,Tissue Racks for MicrocentrifugeTubes Funnels, Cytology Test tubes – separating granules + clot accelerator
Cell scrapers Racks forPCR Tubes Gloves – latex, vinyl, nitrile Test tubes – SORWALL CW1
Cell Spreader Racks forTest Tubes GreenTip – tips in biodegradable box Test tubes – TPX
CentrifugeTubeRacks Re–Caps for vacuum test tubes Hemostatic laces Test tubes – two positions closure cap
CentrifugeTubes Reduction cups for vacuum test tubes Histology spray Test tubes – urine
CentrifugeTubes (micro) Retriever stirring bar Histosette® Cassettes Test tubes for cell culture
Cliklock™ Microcentrifuge Tubes Rings,Embedding HistoTainer™ Test tubes for serum separation
Closures for CultureTubes Rods for clot detachment and extraction HitachiAnalyzer Cups Test tubes racks and tray
ClusterTubes Roller for Sealing Plates Holders for drying stained smears Timers
Combi-Box™ Rotor-Gene™ Q PCR Consumables Hoses for laboratory Tips for gel loading
Combi-Rack™ Safety shields Hot/Cold Gel Tips for micropipette
Conductive tips Sample Cups Ice container Tips for pipette – macro type
Conical graduated measures Sample cups – AxSYM Inoculating loops Tips in biodegradable box – GreenTip
Conical stoppers Sample cups – CENTRIFICHEM Ino-loop™Inoculating Loops . Tissue Capsules
Connectors for hoses Sample cups – CIBA CORNING Instruments jar Tissue Cassettes
Contact Plate Sample cups – DADE/SISMEX CA 50/500/5000 Irrigator Tissue grinders
Containers – 24h urine collection Sample cups – GEMSAEC Isothermal bags for biol. samples transport Titer Plates
Containers – antidoping test Sample cups – GILFORD Jars with tamper–evident cap Tongue depressors
Containers – Bijou Sample cups – HITACHI Jars, cylindrical with cap TransferPipets
Containers – dental prosthesis Sample cups – KODAK and ORTHO Jars, Microscope Slides Transport coolers
Containers – faeces Sample cups – KONELAB and TECHNICON Jugs Tray, colorimetric
Containers – needles Sample cups – Olympus Kidney dishes – disposable Trays and tanks
Containers – safety SampleTubes Kidney dishes – reusable Tricorn™Beakers
Containers – samples transport systems SampleTubeStorage Boxes . Kryo ice Tubes for light–sensitive materials
Containers – specimens Sampling Bags . Labels – Biohazard Tubes, Culture
Containers – sputum Scintillation vials Labels, self-adhesive Tubes, Microcentrifuge
Containers – surgical specimens ScintillationVials Lids, self-adhesive Tubes, Sample
Containers – universal Scoops LockMailer™ Tubes, Sterile
Containers – urine Screw Caps with Septum Loops, Inoculating Twenty-four Hour Urine Collection Bottles
Containers individually cased Sealing adhesive foils for PCR plates Low Surface Tension Microcentrifuge Tubes Ultrasound gel
Containers with screw cap SecureSeal™ Sealing Film and Foil L–shape spreaders Ultrasound paper
Containers, Collapsible Security seal for bottles Macrosette®Cassette UniMailer™
Containers, Specimen SecurTainer™ Magnetic stirring bars UniRack™
Cooling transport box SEDI–RATE – E.S.R. system MarkerPen Unisette™
CoreDish® SEDI–RATE E.S.R. rack Micrewtube® Urinanalysis Specimen Collection Tube
Covers for sample cups Septum Screw Caps Micro test tubes Urine Bottles
Cryogenic Vials SeraNest™ Micro test tubes – BECKMAN and VITRATON AKES Urine containers for vacuum tubes
CryoLock Cryogenic Vial Serological pipettes Micro test tubes – COBAS Urine Specimen Containers
Cryostore™ Storage Boxes Serrated pestels Micro test tubes – EPPENDORF UrineCollection Bottle
CRYOTUBES Sharps Containers Micro test tubes – holder UrineCollection System /Tube
CRYOTUBES – accessories Slide box Hellendhal and Schifferdecher Micro test tubes – PCR Urisafe®
CRYOTUBES box Slide storage system Micro test tubes – screw cap UriSwab
Cryovial®Tubes andAccessories Slide storing system Micro test tubes – SUPERLOCK Uritainer™
Cultubes™ SlideFile™ MicrocentrifugeTube Rack Vacucap
CultureTubes SlideFolder™ MicrocentrifugeTubes Vaginal speculum
Cups – cell counters Slides for microscope Micromesh™ Vials
Cups,Analyzer / Fibrin Slides for urine sedimentation Microscope cover glasses Vials
Cuvettes – ACCU COA DATA SlideTray™ Microscope slide boxes Wash bottles
Cuvettes – AMELUNG Slimsette™ Microscope slide dispenser Water sampling bottles
Cuvettes – CIBA CORNING Snap Cap Containers Microscope Slide Mailer Water Specimen Container
Cuvettes – FIBRINTIMER SnapTwist®Micrewtube® Microscope slide mailers and boxes Weighing bottles
Cuvettes – HITACHI SnapTwist®ScintillationVials Microscope slide trays Weighing Dishes
Cuvettes – KONELAB 20 Spatulas Microscope SlideFolder Workstation for PCR
Cuvettes – MACRO/MICRO Specimen Collection Tube, Urinanalysis Microscope slides WorkStation Rack for Cryovial®and Micrewtube®
Cuvettes – OLLI Specimen Containers Microscope SlideTray Write-on™ Marker Pen
Cuvettes – OPTION/BENK Specimen Containers, Formalin Prefilled Zero DNA