JPlast Plastic Products

Many of our clients require an affordable, practical and reliable method of sampling, transporting and storing liquids. After struggling with jars designed for powders and solids (with either a screw-on or clip-on cap), we recommend they try a wide-mouthed bottle.


This is a sensible solution because large leak-proof jars are hard to find, particularly screw-cap jars. A jar that seals tightly can be used for transporting liquids provided it is handled carefully. However, if the jar is squashed or shaken during transport, there’s no guarantee it won’t leak.


To provide our customers with leak-proof peace of mind, we’ve included a silicone seal insert with our screw cap jars. Available in both 500ml and 1000ml (1L) volumes, these jars are specifically designed for liquids and powders that need to be stored in an airtight, leak-proof container.


Pour with confidence – JPlast No-Spill Beaker

In a laboratory, working with liquids can be tricky. You can’t afford to spill a drop, but few beakers are designed to pour properly. Not anymore! JPlast supplies a unique, no-spill beaker so you can pour liquids with confidence.

JPlast No Spill Range of Plastic Beakers

Made of a clear polypropylene plastic, this beaker is resistant to most chemicals, alkaline and acid. With three dripless pouring spouts, you can easily transfer liquids from the beaker into other containers. Available in volumes of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 800ml and 1000ml, they’re a must-have for any laboratory.


These no-spill beakers are dishwasher safe and can handle a wet temperature of up to 122°C. Bear in mind that the heat-resistance has only been tested with water and you may note some etching when heating other liquids. You can pop these beakers in the autoclave, but as they’re so affordable, you can dispose of them after using them just once.


Should the beaker accidentally slip from your hand, don’t panic! It is shock-resistant and won’t crack should it land on a hard floor. Compared to other breakable jugs and beakers, our no-spill beaker is cost-effective and practical. It’s a versatile beaker that’s equally useful for mixing paint or chemicals around the home as it is for use in the laboratory.


Liquid-tight sample tubes

When you need to ensure the integrity of liquid samples, our clear plastic PTE sample tubes are ideal. The tube includes a screw cap which stops liquids leaking out and an air-tight seal. With a tamper evident cap, you can immediately tell whether a sample has been compromised.


Made from a thick, clear plastic, these sample tubes won’t crush or bend during transportation. They are designed to handle a high pressure, which means they won’t rupture in high or low-pressure environments. If you need to transport liquid samples by air, you can rely on these tubes to keep your samples intact, all the way.


Outside of the laboratory, these tubes can be used for packaging food and alcohol (they’re completely food-safe). You may have already spotted them at a party or in a restaurant or bar for serving shooters.





JPlast can provide you with caps in a variety of colours for your sample tubes; simply specify your requirements when you order. A standard rack is available, but other racks and trays can be made to order.




Working with liquids in or out of the laboratory doesn’t have to be difficult. JPlast has all the leak-proof beakers and sample tubes you need to collect, transport and store liquid samples safely and conveniently. For more information or to place on order, call 011 760 9103/9053 or email