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Ultraspec’s market-leading vaginal speculum is the result of extensive input from clinical professionals. Designed with both the patient and medical professional in mind, this vaginal speculum is comfortable, flexible and most importantly, unbreakable.


These are the features that make Ultraspec’s vaginal speculum the top choice:


  • Large, smooth-spinning nut
  • Wide, non-slip grip
  • Strength and flexibility

Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum: Fast, smooth-spinning nutUltraspec Vaginal Speculum: Large non-slip gripUltraspec Vaginal Speculum:Unbreakable in normal use






Even when the speculum is locked in the open position, it can be forced closed without breaking. The non-rigid design of the speculum allows it to flex where other speculums have a tendency to shatter.


The strength test is proof that Ultraspec’s vaginal speculum is the toughest on the market which makes it serious competition for the popular Smith’s Wallace speculum. Click on the image below to see the Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum Unbreakable Test.


Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum Strength Test


What all of this really means (for both medical professionals and patients) is that is reduces the time it takes to perform pelvic examinations. Thanks to the superior opening created by the speculum, doctors have a clear view and easy instrument access.


Ultraspec’s vaginal speculum is 100% latex free and it weighs up to 20% less than other speculums. It could also be considered the most environmentally-friendly speculum available. As they’re lighter, less material is used in the manufacture of these speculums and they’re packaged in recyclable material.


The subtle pink tint reassures patients without obscuring visibility and many have already expressed a preference for Ultraspec’s vaginal speculums over traditional, cold metal devices.


Ultraspec’s Sidewall Retractor – Overcoming sidewall prolapse


Ultraspec's Sidewall Retractor Front ViewTraditional speculums have no way of preventing vaginal sidewall prolapse. This restricts visibility and access and results in routine procedures taking longer to complete. It’s also responsible for the increase in the number of patients who are referred for general anaesthetic.


Ultraspec’s Sidewall Retractor consists of two blades that are inserted once the speculum is in place to displace the vaginal sidewalls and provide a clear view of the cervix. The spoon-shape of the blades minimises the risk of damage to the sidewalls and reduces patient discomfort.


The Sidewall Retractor can be used with both medium and large Ultraspec speculums. Combining a single-use speculum and sidewall retractor presents a significant cost-saving to practices. The reduction in time spent carrying out routine pelvic examinations will appeal to both doctors and patients.


Ultraspec's Vaginal Speculum with Sidewall Retractor



The superior vaginal speculum for medical professionals and patients


It’s clear that Ultraspec have created a superior speculum that caters for the needs of both doctors and patients. The design and materials make it both simple to use, strong, flexible and comfortable. The addition of the sidewall retractor increases the efficacy of the single-use speculum, further reducing the time taken to perform procedures – an important factor for both clinicians and patients.


You can now purchase Ultraspec Speculums and Sidewall Retractors directly from JPlast Plastic Products. For a FREE Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum sample, or more information on the speculums we supply, call 011 760 9103/ 9053 or email